Cold Calling & Telesales Program (Inbound / Outbound)

Salespeople learn winning techniques for phone, email, and video communication with leads and customers.

Your inside sales team will master inbound and outbound calls

Successful inside sales reps have good habits, but it takes hard work to develop them. OPTIMA will help your team be more diligent in tracking call volume, documenting call details, looking for call trends, multitasking during calls, and making & taking a higher volume of calls. Best of all, they learn our 5O/5I Method.


Key points of our Customer Centricity training program:

  • Putting oneself in the customer’s shoes
  • Understanding their needs at a deep level
  • Making arguments in terms of client benefits
  • Developing finely-tuned active listening skills
  • Being aware of the impact of misunderstanding

Five O’s for Outgoing Calls

  1. Obtain interest from the start
  2. Organize questions to probe needs
  3. Offer your solution
  4. Overcome objections
  5. On approval… Seal the Deal!

Five I’s for Incoming Calls

  1. Initiate the dialogue
  2. Immerse yourself in the client’s needs
  3. Invite a new proposal
  4. Impact of the decision
  5. Instigate sealing the deal


Why do leading businesses choose the 5O/5I Method from OPTIMA Consulting Ltd.?

Inside sales is often overlooked as an area of improvement because companies haven’t identified a path for growth for their sales team. OPTIMA has worked with numerous organizations on not only improving their inside sales teams in the short run but giving them the confidence to aim for larger sales targets — that were previously thought to be out of reach — in the long term.

The objective of this telephone sales training course is to give your inside sales team all the tools and training needed to engage with customers better and close more deals efficiently.

We look at various aspects of telesales from cold calling courses and training to finding the right mindset for outgoing or incoming calls. With OPTIMA’s expert guidance, this telesales skills training course will dramatically improve your inside sales team’s confidence and total sales.

With OPTIMA’s 5O/5I Method training, your Sales Force will:

  • Gain access to a series of sales call training for both outgoing and incoming calls
  • Unlock or enhance telesales skills such as tracking calls, documenting call details, making/taking a higher volume of calls, and multitasking during calls
  • Develop a more customer-centric approach that helps them understand the customer’s situation better
  • Improve listening and speaking skills and build good habits that translate to higher customer satisfaction
  • Close deals with confidence on cold calls and make valid arguments to help customers understand the benefits offered

Who does our Inside Sales program benefit most?

Business professionals in competitive sectors who spend answer general enquiries, qualify leads, and close deals

Inbound Sales Reps

Customer Service Managers

Telemarketing Agents

Inside Sales Managers

Lead Qualifiers

Proven, Active Methodology