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OPTIMA is a recognized leader in innovative solutions focused on sales performance optimization and management.




OPTIMA is a recognized leader in innovative solutions focused on sales performance optimization and management.

Our ongoing training programs are totally flexible and designed to ensure your salesforce is always performing at their best. They are practical and tailor-made for each client, using blended learning methods that maximize user adoption, effectiveness, and measurable results.


Why choose OPTIMA Consulting as your sales training company?

Bangkok is a fast-booming economic hub for businesses across all sectors. This means that regardless of your industry, the competition is always getting more intense. One of the classic keys to expanding your client base and remaining competitive is to have a skilled salesforce. However, with today's ever-changing market demand, you must step up your sales game to win. Optima Consulting's sales training helps companies of different sizes do just that, and much more.

What’s unique about our sales training courses?

Tailored lessons and workshops for optimal results

We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sales and management training. That’s why you’ll always get a tailored course and workshop that works just right for your team culture and learning preferences.

Blended learning approach for measurable improvement

Your teams won’t only be taking notes from our coaches. They’ll also practice what they learn with real-world situations and engage in practical roleplays and workshops.

Flexible and easily accessible learning platform

A sales representative’s schedule is not always predictable. Optima Consulting offers web-based instructions along with in-person training sessions, so your sales teams can set their own hours to learn and practice.

OPTIMA is your trusted sales training company for higher levels of success

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