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Our philosophy is to combine People and Technology to help our clients achieve optimal performance in their organizations.

Part of the process is to identify and select Top Talent who will be the driving force behind the success of your company.

Through our sister company Olympia Search & Recruitment, we are here to assist you in the research, selection, hiring and onboarding process of your key employees to ensure you will have a high-performance workforce.

By combining state-of-the-art assessments tools, thorough interviewing process, professional onboarding and skills development programs, OPTIMA and OLYMPIA provide you with a one-stop solution to build a Team of champions!

ASSESSMENT TOOLS for Candidates selection

The Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) describes an individual’s personality in terms of their behavioral work styles – the characteristics of how they act and interact at work.  These characteristics are what drive each person’s success.


The Work Behavior Inventory was developed specifically for use in the workplace, identifying the personality characteristics related to success and effectiveness. It is a powerful tool that can be used to address important issues related to:

Leadership – the Work Behavior Inventory describes the person’s leadership style, offering detailed descriptions of when it may be effective and when it may not.

Development – the Work Behavior Inventory identifies the benefits and potential limitations of scores across the personality scales and can be used to address areas an individual wishes to improve.

Team Building – Understanding the personality and work styles of team members can help teams work more effectively together. Talent Management – the WBI identifies high potentials and future leaders.


Candidates Evaluation process

STAR method for Behavior based interviewing techniques

Our clients share their experience working with OLYMPIA Recruitment

I launched the CITEL Regional office to develop the business in South-East Asia, and a key objective was to build the local team. Finding the right people to start the operations and turn the opportunities into new business.
Here comes OLYMPIA Team of experts who understood the profiles I needed, were able to find them, and then supported me during the entire recruitment process. I very much appreciated the high-quality service and efficiency, and the attention OLYMPIA paid to the specific needs of a fast-growing medium size company.


APAC Regional Manager

Putting together a strong team is all about tangible tasks and results, finding the right people with the perfect match in terms of skills and company culture. The OLYMPIA team took the time to fully understand what English Gang is all about from our roots to our customers before putting together a straight forward plan for us to move ahead with our recruitment. From designing the Job descriptions to the selection, interviews, and onboarding of the candidates, the value provided by OLYMPIA is outstanding and they have been a key factor of growth for our business. I can't recommend them enough

Robert Kawada

Robert Kawada,
Managing Director
English Gang