Sales Strategy Training and Consulting Courses

OPTIMA’s consultants will craft an all-inclusive sales strategy that drives revenue growth and profitability.

Drive Revenue, Grow your business, Get Results and Achieve your Goals

If you want to increase sales and grow your business, you’ll need a clear roadmap with actionable information, something that OPTIMA’s Strategic Sales Consulting team can provide. Partner with us, and we’ll provide you with not only the overarching strategy for your sales development, but also the advice needed to define your team’s KPIs and sales targets, increase conversion rates, plan for new product launches, and execute market penetration initiatives.

With our Strategic Sales Consulting, we define clear objectives with the Senior Management of your company and work with your Sales Directors and Managers to define and implement a strategy and action plan that will lead your team to achieve the expected results


Key benefits of OPTIMA’s Strategic Sales Consulting

  • Detailed information and reports on every aspect of your sales division
  • Clear, actionable plans to create and meet sales goals
  • Hands-on team of consultants building new sales engines, improving team performance, and more
  • Personalized sales strategy for sustainable growth — no “one-size-fits-all” recommendations

Our Process Consists of Four Steps

1. Assess

OPTIMA consultants will make a detailed investigation of your sales operations, team, and goals to determine and recommend what improvements are needed.

2. Design

We’ll build customized sales solutions from the ground up that actively contribute to your goals, and test them so you have measurable results on which to base your decisions.

3. Deploy

After you choose which recommended solutions to implement, we'll deploy them and work with your team every step of the way to ensure your new sales strategy and all its moving parts work flawlessly.

4. Measure

Results are king. We will work with you on the long run and measure the impact of your newly implemented sales strategy and actions taken by your Sales Team on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure Customer success, so we will measure the results of your Sales Team to ensure the objectives we have set together are achieved.


Data-Driven Reports That Improve Your Team’s Performance

As part of our consulting services, you will receive detailed reports of your team’s capabilities with recommendations on their strengths, areas to focus on for improvement, and actions to take in the short- and mid-term.

Recommendations on the sales strategy to adopt to penetrate your target market will come with a clear action plan ready to implement by your Sales Team with the guidance of OPTIMA Consultants.

Training and consulting on sales strategy and department organization

“Putting together a strong sales team is all about tangible tasks and results. Vincent and his team took the time to fully understand what English Gang is all about from our roots to our customers before putting together a straight forward plan for us to move ahead. From the commission scheme they built to the sales strategies they helped us to implement, the experience that OPTIMA has is bar none in the industry. I can't recommend them enough.”

Training and consulting on sales strategy and department organization

Robert Kawada
Managing Director
English Gang

Consulting to strategically structure the Sales team

“B-Accounting hired OPTIMA for a 3-month period to conduct sales training for our team members. We have been very impressed by the quality of the coaching and its efficiency on our commercial development. In addition to fundamental sales techniques, we greatly appreciated the general advisory to our management team regarding its commercial organization. From the configuration of the sales department to the methods of implementation of KPIs and a CRM software, Vincent and his team succeeded to eliminate our weaknesses and to reinforce our strengths. If you do not have an experienced Commercial Director in-house, I strongly recommend OPTIMA which definitely went above and beyond our expectations”

Consulting to strategically structure the Sales team

Vincent Cloitre
Managing Director

Who benefits from Strategic Sales Consulting?

Your entire business and all stakeholders benefit from a clear, effective, all-encompassing sales strategy

Broad Range ofIndustries

Large or SmallTeams




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