Effective Communication Skills

Course Duration : 1 or 2 days


What's in it for you?

  • To overcome mind traps in regards to communicating effectively
  • To understand differences in personality so to adjust behavior accordingly
  • To learn active listening skills, assertive language techniques, and effective communication
  • Techniques to deal with difficult situations

Course Outline

  1. Adopting the right mindset of an Effective Communicator
    • To be aware of Traps/Obstacles from being an effective Communicator
    • To understand humans’ innate filtering programs of Deletion, Distortion, and Generalization
    • To learn the empowering way to use our 5 senses: See, Hear, Feel, Smell, Taste
    • To win friends and influence others
    • To know how people think differently by the language they prefer and therefore be able to adapt the language to match with their preferences.
    • To understand and appreciate the differences in people
    • To learn how to utilize the differences in others
  2. Learn the tools used in becoming an Effective Communicator
    • To know the traps of active listening and to avoid them
    • To learn about rephrasing techniques to help improve “active listening skill”
    • Develop teamwork with peers, colleagues, and subordinates: Matching & Mirroring using Communication methods – body language, tone of voice, & words; Pacing & Leading – Influencing others to a mutually beneficial outcome
    • To know the technique to prevent and resolve conflict with anyone to maintain trust and respect
    • Meta Model Advanced Communication Technique to remove assumptions and gain an accurate understanding of another person
    • To help to get to the root cause of the communication traps and gain clarity of the solution