Effective Team Management Training Courses

The TEAM method teaches managers how to develop their salespeople’s skills and keep them motivated to sell more and consistently achieve their sales targets.

TEAM sales management training course equips managers with tools for energizing their sales teams

The TEAM method helps sales and business-unit managers coach and lead their salespeople more effectively. Your managers will learn how to adapt to their personnel, identify their strengths, encourage friendly competitiveness among teammates, and help them achieve their goals.

OPTIMA Consulting Ltd.’s TEAM management training course provides foundational understanding of effective sales and people management. It gives your managers an insight into the psychology behind successful team formation and coaching, the common communication mistakes that hinder improvement, the subtle actions that can boost organizational commitment and drive unforeseen success, and more.

Key points of the TEAM sales development training program for managers:

  • Create and communicate your vision to the Team
  • Motivating & guiding individual salespeople
  • Situational Leadership to adapt your management style
  • Developing coaching tactics & training skills
  • Leading informative & dynamic sales meetings
  • Cultivating & communicating team goals clearly
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    Learn how to measure confidence levels and sales practices of your people, identify motivation problems, and understand their objectives.

  • Learn how to conduct interviews and one-on-one meetings, set objectives, re-motivate and congratulate, and give feedback using the DESC method.

  • Learn how to organize your team in the field, support salespeople at client visits, evaluate their techniques, and provide constructive feedback to help them improve day after day.

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    Learn how to conduct sales meetings, start and conclude them, create a positive and collaborative team dynamic, and design training workshops.

Who is the TEAM method for?

Business professionals in competitive sectors who need their sales teams to have strong negotiating skills

Field & remote sales managers

Customer service managers

Business unit managers

Managers looking to inspire & develop staff

Managers looking for modern coaching tools

Why do leading businesses choose TEAM Sales Management & Development Skills training from OPTIMA Consulting Ltd.?

To thrive in today’s ever-competitive business world, organizations need more than visionary strategies and a skilled sales force. They also need competent sales managers who know how to turn such strategies into achievable goals for their salespeople, and who understand the most effective coaching methods that will help their sales teams succeed.

OPTIMA Consulting Ltd.’s sales development training will equip your sales managers with proven coaching methods as well as psychological and communication skills they need to keep your Sales Force competitive and committed to achieving your organization’s goals.

With OPTIMA’s sales management coaching, your sales managers will:

  • Know how to create a psychologically safe space where their team members can confidently express both their strengths and areas for improvement
  • Gain insights on how to better understand the varying personalities and coaching preference of each team member
  • Possess practical coaching methods that they can personally apply to each member of your Sales Force
  • Learn when and how to effectively challenge your salespeople to reach their full potential
  • Maintain a strong and clear collective vision on your organizational objectives and the actionable steps to achieve the goals

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