Conflict Management

Course Duration : 1 day


What's in it for you?

  • Understand what is at stake when giving and receiving feedback
  • Understand the key principles of efficient feedback
  • Discover and practice different methods for delivering efficient feedback

Course Outline

  1. How to create a conflict
    • Brainstorming based on the experience of the participants
    • The main causes of conflict at the workplace
  2. The 6 Laws of Time
    • Principles of harmonious relationships
    • The 3 Filters of Socrates
    • The 3 traps of communication (deletion/distortion/generalization) and the 3 mistakes of listening (transfer/denial/escape)
    • How to put yourself in the shoes of your interlocutors with perceptual positions
  3. How to solve a conflict
    • The 3 spontaneous behaviors and the principles of assertiveness
    • How to find solutions with the DESC method (describe the facts, express your feelings, solve the problem, conclude positively)
    • How to act as a facilitator to solve a conflict between two people
  4. Key takeaways
    • Formalization in written form of your key takeaways and group sharing