Conflict Management Training and Resolution Workshop

Course Duration : 1 day


What's in it for you?

  • Understand what is at stake when giving and receiving feedback
  • Understand the key principles of efficient feedback
  • Discover and practice different methods for delivering efficient feedback

Course Outline

  1. How to create a conflict
    • Brainstorming based on the experience of the participants
    • The main causes of conflict at the workplace
  2. The 6 Laws of Time
    • Principles of harmonious relationships
    • The 3 Filters of Socrates
    • The 3 traps of communication (deletion/distortion/generalization) and the 3 mistakes of listening (transfer/denial/escape)
    • How to put yourself in the shoes of your interlocutors with perceptual positions
  3. How to solve a conflict
    • The 3 spontaneous behaviors and the principles of assertiveness
    • How to find solutions with the DESC method (describe the facts, express your feelings, solve the problem, conclude positively)
    • How to act as a facilitator to solve a conflict between two people
  4. Key takeaways
    • Formalization in written form of your key takeaways and group sharing

Our clients share their experience using Conflict Management

Our experience with OPTIMA’s "Negotiation and Harmony in the Workplace" program was both enlightening and enjoyable. The training was not only rich in valuable insights but also delivered in a manner that was engaging and fun. Our team has not ONLY been enhanced their negotiation skills but also genuinely enjoyed the learning process. The new strategies have supported more positive and harmonious atmosphere within our workplace to be aligned with Indorama Ventures Leadership Framework.

Chris Regel

Dr. Natineeporn Rattanawichai
Vice President Human Resources Head office and Thailand