Clients Success Stories

Customer success is our main objective. We are driven by the results of our clients and
their Teams, take a look at their stories to see how we help them improve their
performance and increase their bottom line

Sahattaya Thongpreecha
Managing Director at Saint-Gobain Weber Thailand

“I personally find the customized seminar delivered online by OPTIMA very helpful for our sales team to plan their actions with systematic thinking and approach. The outputs from the webinar are very useful to me for the next execution phase. Special thanks to Ajarn Aekorn for his drive and empathy to the participants …Read More

Vincent Cloitre
Managing Director at B-Accounting Co., Ltd.

“B-Accounting hired OPTIMA for a 3-month project to conduct sales training for our team members. We have been very impressed by the quality of the coaching and its efficiency on our commercial development. In addition to fundamental sales techniques, we greatly appreciated the general advisory to our management team …Read More

Robert Kawada
Managing Director at English Gang Co., Ltd.

“Putting together a strong sales team is all about tangible tasks and results. Vincent and his team took the time to fully understand what English Gang is all about from our roots to our customers before putting together a straight forward plan for us to move ahead. From the commission scheme they built to the sales strategies they helped us …Read More

Didier Nguyen
Sales Director - South East Asia at Premier Tech Chronos

“It is always good to have some reminder about sales strategy and negotiation approach whatever the experience of your sales team. Vincent and his team were able to build their presentation and case studies in relation with our business. This had a real impact on the Team members’ perception and helped them to build a strategy …Read More

Manuel Sguazzi
Managing Director - Cavagna Group Asia Ltd.

“In this fast-paced ecosystem, it’s critical that salespeople will be equipped to understand the market conditions and identify the customers pain-points. Experience on the field is of paramount importance, but often not enough. Thanks to OPTIMA team, we’ve been able to provide our salespeople a sound structure and a proven toolkit. …Read More

Warit Sasisech
Sales & Product Engineer at CDG Group Thailand

“As our sales team has always been using the traditional way to keep track of our customers' activity report, we realize that to optimize our productivity we need a better platform that can allow us to better perform. OPTIMA has been very helpful in providing us the platform required for sales CRM as well as assisting us in every processes of building the sales approaches; …Read More

Thanapat Pratoommase
Head of Human Resources and Finance at BRED IT

“Leadership has been a very crucial topic for several organizations for a certain period of time already and it is now more crucial than ever due to this on-going pandemic situation. The partnership with OPTIMA has helped us a lot to guide our leaders from the foundation of leadership to the art of practicing the concept in their real life. The class has a good mix of various methodologies ranging from classroom, …Read More

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