Ralf Kraemer

We as a sales company, bringing high quality products and services for Trucks and Buses are always keen to develop our salespeople further as they are the first point of contact of our customers. We do this with a straightforward development plan.

Important for us is, despite the hard facts and technical training, to look beyond and to expand to the soft skills as well. Having the right understanding of customer needs and using a strategy to lead a discussion with clients is getting more and more important.

With OPTIMA we found the right partner to develop our sales force in this regard. The collaboration and preparation worked very well, and we received fantastic feedback from the participants.

Thanks to the OPTIMA team for their hard work and skill. They've really boosted our sales skills, and we believe this training is making a big difference for Daimler.

Ralf Kraemer
Chief Executive Officer
Daimler Commercial Vehicles (Thailand)