Sales Pitches: What They Are And How They Work

Sales Pitches: What They Are And How They Work


What is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch or presentation can take many forms and be performed in almost any location, the goal being to interest the party you are pitching into buying whatever you're selling. That commodity can be anything, from the lowliest items to the loftiest, most futuristic concepts, but the principles remain the same. You aim to use your planned sales pitch presentation to engage them in your product and concept to the point where they promise to mull it over once you have gone or, even better, agree to learn more details there and then. The ultimate victory is to close a sale on your product, but that is not always easily achieved on the first attempt.

Types of sales pitch

There are several established methods of pitching, although there are no actual rules as to how and when they should be employed. Some typical types of sales pitch include:

  • Elevator sales pitch
  • Video sales pitch
  • Follow-up sales pitch
  • Social media sales pitch
  • Phone sales pitch
  • Email sales pitch

How do you make a sales pitch presentation?

During any sales pitch training session, sales coaches will advocate different styles and methods of making a successful sales pitch presentation, and there will be many superb ideas and suggestions to be found. This is especially true of Optima’s Professional Sales and Selling Skills Training Courses.

There is much to learn and many strategies to incorporate into any sales pitch, but it always pays to remember that the person you are pitching to may have heard all the glib, faux-genuine patois and seen every trick in the book. Sometimes, an open, direct approach can be the winning strategy; it all depends on the quality of your product and your confidence in it. Some things virtually sell themselves…

What is in a sales pitch?

The content of any sales pitch varies tremendously depending on several factors, namely:

  • The timing of the sales pitch and whether it was pre-arranged or not
  • The nature of the product of the concept
  • The aim of the sales pitch presentation
  • The number of pitchers and audience members

The key concept to remember when making a sales pitch of any length is that you only have a few moments to catch people's imagination before they make up their minds and lose interest. The style and method of delivery are crucial and should be practised, but you can seldom go wrong with honesty and genuine enthusiasm.

What is the difference between a sales presentation and a sales pitch?

As always, the answer changes depending on the types of sales pitch utilised. Still, as a general rule, a sales pitch is concerned with making a connection and a lasting impression that may be acted upon immediately or followed up later. A sales pitch presentation is about divulging more information and displaying the finer details of the product.

To experience the game-changing benefits of strategic sales consulting and how professional sales coaches and sales pitch training can hone your skills, speak to the experts at Optima Training and learn how simple and complex the best types of sales pitch can be.

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