About Us

OPTIMA Consulting is Thailand’s only consultancy focused entirely on improving your sales & leadership performance

Who we are

OPTIMA Consulting is a leading provider of innovative business solutions focused on improving the performance of your Sales Team. Our mission is to help your company develop its top line revenue and increase profitability by ensuring your Sales Force performs at their best. We do it with innovative training programs tailor-made to meet your own specific business objectives.

Our consulting services include optimization of your sales strategy, implementation of CRM systems tailored to your business, and developing the skills of your Sales and Management Teams through world-class training programs in Prospecting, Value-Added Selling, Negotiation, Key Account Management, Sales Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Business Growth.


What we do

Everything we do is geared towards helping your people get better at the skills they need to win more customers and close more deals.

We provide our clients with tailor-made Sales Training delivered in-house, Leadership Training Programs, Executive Coaching, Team Capabilities Assessments, and Public Training Seminars, all dedicated to sales performance. Our trainers and consultants are driven to help you increase sales revenues and grow your company’s bottom line.

Your team will receive innovative training courses laser-focused on Sales Performance Management & Optimization so everyone can perform at their best. Courses are intuitive, practical, and tailored to each client’s needs, and delivered in Thai language to maximize efficiency, user adoption, and measurable results.


Who we help

Every company needs good sales, whether you represent a large MNC or a growing SME. OPTIMA serves the needs of many different kinds of companies in a wide array of industries, including Banking & Finance, Insurance, Construction, Manufacturing, Technology, FMCG, Telecommunications, Petrochemicals, and more.

We help sales forces perform better, and companies such as Siemens, Pfizer, L’OREAL, AXA Insurance, plus many more, benefit from our innovative, world-class Training Programs. Whether you’re the Sales Manager of a large MNC or Managing Director of a growing SME, our consultants will partner with you to develop industry-focused sales training programs specific to your business that help you increase revenues.





Measurable Results


OPTIMA will help your company achieve higher levels of success

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