Leadership Training Program

Course Duration : 3 days Group Training + Individual Follow-up


Key Training Objectives

  1. Be a strong leader for your team
    • Discover your natural leadership style
    • Develop and communicate your vision to the team
    • Set compelling objectives for your team to create alignment and engagement
    • Conduct effective team meetings, with motivational action plans and structured follow-up
  2. Manage each team member individually
    • How to build a professional competencies grid specific to your team
    • Discover and practice different methods for evaluating the level of motivation and competency of your team
    • Understand how to adapt your leadership style to the profile of your team members with regards to different situations
  3. Coaching your team on a daily basis
    • Coach your team members through individual interviews and appraisals, including praising, delegation, conflict resolution, constructive feedback, and re-motivation interviews
    • Apply coaching techniques for continuous development of your team members