DEAL® Negotiation Skills

The DEAL® negotiation training courses teach salespeople how to exude self confidence, assess the balance of power accurately, and react assertively.

The DEAL® method introduces salespeople to various negotiating styles they can expect from clients, makes them aware of negotiation’s seven deadly sins, gives them confidence to negotiate in unbalanced situations, and allows them to find BATNA – the “Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement” – whenever difficult clients refuse to negotiate.

From understanding the current skill level of your salespeople to providing negotiation training in Bangkok, OPTIMA will help you reach your sales potential and boost your revenue growth. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way and provide the guidance you need to make your Sales Force better.


Key points of the DEAL® method:

  • Generating the right climate for successful agreements
  • Understanding the balance of power in every negotiation
  • Preparing and structuring your negotiating tactics efficiently
  • Knowing when and how to announce your initial position
  • Learning to react assertively during intense situations
  • Defend your initial position

    Learn how to enter the negotiation, structure arguments persuasively, detect clients’ negotiating styles, and assess the balance of power.

  • Ensure your customer commits

    Learn how to detect buyer tricks, use phrasing that pitches a solution, ask clearly for the sale, and assess the strength of the commitment.

  • Advance through mutual concessions

    Learn how to identify different kinds of counterparts, utilize the mutual concessions matrix, employ the SPC method, and increase margins.

  • Limit your effort and conclude negotiations

    Learn how to organize your concessions strategically, minimize your time spent closing, and conclude negotiations smoothly on your terms.

Who is the DEAL® method for?

Business professionals in competitive sectors who need their sales teams to have strong negotiating skills

You are feeling pressure due to high levels of competition in your marketplace.

Your key customers are increasingly demanding to the point of dissatisfaction.

You know that controlling negotiations is essential for sales teams to succeed

Why do leading businesses choose DEAL® from OPTIMA Consulting Ltd.?

As a leading provider of innovative business solutions, OPTIMA has the proven track record and expertise to help you increase your top-line revenue and overall profitability. The DEAL sales and negotiation training course does just that by:

  • Setting up the optimal atmosphere for efficiently closing deals
  • Helping your team understand the balance of power in every negotiation
  • Building the best structure for your negotiations (The Check-Point system)
  • Effectively using the DEAL® method to control face-to-face sales interactions

We expand each of these steps in great detail to give your team a clear and actionable strategy to approach and close negotiations successfully and efficiently.

With OPTIMA’s DEAL® training, your Sales Force will:

  • Possess a clear and actionable strategy for successful negotiations
  • Gain confidence to negotiate well even in unbalanced or high-pressure situations
  • Be able to handle negotiations with large clients and close big contracts by controlling the negotiation process
  • Distinguish position and goal, as well as finding the right path from one to the other
  • Learn effective counters against tactics used by the other party in a negotiation
  • Using the powerful tools outlined in DEAL® effectively for all future negotiations

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