Manage leads and deals

Lead and deal management

Manage opportunities like a pro with a complete overview of each lead and deal, including pipeline progress, ownership, communications and activity history

Open deal limit (per company)

Total deals in any pipeline that have not been deleted, won or lost





Customizable pipelines

Visualize your sales process and move deals along stages with unlimited, customizable pipelines in kanban view

Products catalog

Create a customizable catalog of your company’s goods or services, including costs, notes and more

Custom fields

Tailor your sales data to your business with custom fields within your leads, deals, contacts and products

Custom field limit (per company)

All data fields added to a lead, deal, person, organization or product





Leads inbox

Pool all your leads in one place to keep your pipeline uncluttered and focused on deals

Deal rotting

Get notified when a deal stays idle for longer than the defined rotting period

Data import and export

Easily import your data from a spreadsheet or migrate from another CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho and more

Merge duplicate data

Clean up your data by detecting and merging duplicate entries
Track communications

People and organization management

Build an unlimited database of contacts and access a clear view of their history, linked deals, activities and communications

Mentions and comments

Draw a colleague’s attention to an update on a lead, deal or contact by @mentioning them in notes or posting comments

File attachments

Attach files to leads, deals, contacts and products

Contacts map

See where your contacts are located with the Google Maps integration and filter them by city, state and country

Calendar view and activity management

See what’s coming up in your schedule, manage your sales activities and plan your time efficiently

Activity reminder notifications

Choose any combo of in-app, email and mobile app push notifications to be reminded of upcoming activities

Email inbox

Forward important emails to Pipedrive with bcc that automatically link to a corresponding deal and contact

Two-way email sync

Fully sync your Gmail, Outlook, or company email to send and receive emails directly from within Pipedrive

Customizable email templates

Send more emails faster with fully customizable and shareable templates

Customizable signatures

Leave the right impression with personalized email signatures

Merge fields

Add a personal touch to your email templates with pre-populated merge fields for deal names, contacts and organizations

Email open and click tracking

Get notified when a prospect opens your email or clicks on any link you’ve sent them

Group emailing

Create email distribution groups and send emails to groups of contacts all at once

Email scheduling

Send emails during your off-hours or at a more convenient time for your recipient.

Meeting scheduler

Share your availability and let your customer pick a time that works best for you both for quick and easy scheduling



Video call scheduling

Automatically set up video calls for scheduled meetings via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet

Contacts timeline

Use a visual representation of your activities with contacts over time for follow up

Smart Docs

Send trackable quotes, proposals and contracts from within Pipedrive

Autofilled templates and offline docs

Set up sales document templates using any of your Pipedrive fields and your product catalog to pull in data

Document open tracking

Send and share trackable documents, get notified via email or in-app whenever they’re opened by your customer, and follow up at the right time

Unlimited in BETA

Unlimited in BETA


Sign any of your documents electronically, no plugins needed

PDF format support

Allow users to share a PDF version of their document with a public sharing link

Google Slides and Sheets support

Create Google Slides and Sheets with Pipedrive data placeholders, share it with customers and request signatures to close those deals faster

Google Drive document integration

Integrate Pipedrive with your storage solution of choice

OneDrive document integration

Integrate Pipedrive with your storage solution of choice
Automate and grow

Sales Assistant

Receive suggestions based on your past performance and discover where you can improve and what to focus on next

API access

Develop custom features for free with our REST API and customize your Pipedrive experience to your heart’s content


Webhooks push information to your endpoint of choice. When an event is triggered (for example a new deal is added), Pipedrive sends this notification as an HTTP POST request with a JSON body to your chosen endpoint(s).

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive tasks like updating deals and sending emails to create a streamlined sales process for your team

Active workflows

Active workflows refers to the number of automated workflows that are set and activated. Each of them is triggered by a specific action




Workflow actions

Workflow actions refers to any feature that can be triggered through automated workflows. These include adding or updating leads and deals, adding activities, etc.




Delay step

Delay steps allows you to delay an action in your workflow or proceed to check a condition after a predefined amount of time has passed




Smart contact data

Auto-populate valuable insights about leads in one click from web and social sources like LinkedIn

Important fields

Improve the quality of your data by setting important fields for your team

Required fields

Improve the quality of your data by setting required fields for your team
Insights and reports

Report limit (per user)

Combined activity, deal, forecast and subscription reports in Insights





Deal reports

See which accounts bring the most revenue, how many opportunities your salespeople win or lose and why

Activity reports

Track custom sales activities like emails, demos, calls or events to uncover your team’s winning patterns

Company and user goals

Track how close you, your company and individual reps are to achieving your goals with customizable dashboards

Visual dashboards

Create your own dashboards with a customized collection of reports and share them internally or externally





Shareable dashboard links

Share live dashboards via a link with anyone in or outside Pipedrive to keep all teammates and managers on track

Recurring revenue

Track and project your earnings over time, even long after the deal has been won

Subscription revenue reports

Track customer payments that arrive over time to see how they affect your revenue projections

Custom fields and reports

Generate reports based on the custom fields you have set up for your teams, products, or industry

Revenue forecast reports and view

Plan ahead with confidence with a comprehensive overview of your predicted revenue and make adjustments on the fly

Team goals

Track how close your team is to achieving its goals with easy-to-access dashboards

Team management

Organize your salespeople into teams and gain useful insights into their performance



Privacy and security

World-class data storage

Your data is protected and stored using world-class hosting infrastructure in Rackspace and AWS at designated data centers

User access and device logs

Get notifications about the times and locations of user logins over the last 60 days to pinpoint and prevent suspicious activity

SAML SSO (single sign-on) login

Manage user access centrally through your preferred single sign-on provider

Two-factor authentication

Enhance your account security with two-factor email verification at login

SOC 2 compliant

Fully-comply with SOC 2 through annual security audits held by reputable third parties

AES-256 encryption

Encrypt data and user credentials with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard

User permissions sets

Customize what users can do in Pipedrive with variable user permission sets suited for different levels of user access





Visibility groups

Categorize your users into groups and sub-groups and dictate what they are allowed to see within Pipedrive





Visibility options

Take control of the visibility possibilities of your various teams’ deals, contacts and product inventory items





Security dashboard

Manage user access and security-related activity in your company’s account and get tips to protect your business data





Security alerts

Get instant email notifications about suspicious access to your company’s account, potential data leaks and data loss

Security rules

Turn on and enforce password strength requirements, password expiration and history control, two-factor authentication (2FA), IP- and time-based access restrictions for all users
Mobile apps and integrations

Native mobile Android and iOS apps

Start every day with a summary of what’s expected and make changes to deals, activities and contacts on the go

Apps marketplace with 300+ integrations

Discover apps and enhance your Pipedrive experience by connecting to other services with easy one-click installation

Contact sync with Google and Microsoft

Sync your external contacts list to Pipedrive by integrating with major providers like Google, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange and EWS

Calendar sync with Google and Microsoft

Sync your calendar of choice with Pipedrive including Google, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook and Exchange

Chrome extension for Gmail

Install the Pipedrive Chrome extension to utilize Pipedrive directly from Gmail – you’ll be able to add new deals, contacts, notes and activities

Real-time sync across all devices

Automatically sync any changes made in the mobile app with Pipedrive’s web app to keep all your data up to date

Nearby contact location

Use your phone’s location to quickly see which deals and contacts are nearby in the integrated map view

Caller ID linked to deals and activities

See caller ID on incoming calls and auto-log calls as activities when a contact connects

Automatic call logging

Keep track of every sales call and schedule follow-up activities based on your last conversation

Web-to-mobile calls

In addition to dialing contacts from Pipedrive on your computer, you can also send calls to your phone
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