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From concept to execution, OPTIMA consultants provide expert guidance to set your teams up for success.

Improve your recruitment and sales processes


OPTIMA’s consultants will diagnose your sales strategy and assess your sales capabilities, the current skills level of your salespeople, and identify the challenges you face when selling your products and services. Then they’ll make recommendations to improve your strategy, reorganize your sales team, and also build personal development plans for your Sales Manager and Sales Reps.

To conduct this diagnosis, we have one-on-one interviews with the MD, Sales Managers, and Sales Reps, and use psychometric assessments to identify their strengths and potential areas of improvement. We also use these assessments to help the clients with the selection of new salespeople and managers during the recruitment process.

Here are some examples of the assessments we use, all of which are available in Thai language:



Perfect for selecting and developing the skills of managers, this assessment covers 21 primary skills used in the workplace


Ideal for recruiting and developing skilled salespeople, SSI assesses selling styles through 15 primary skills used in daily sales activities


CSI helps you find highly qualified customer service personnel and develop their skills so they become an invaluable member of your company


This assessment combines psychometric test and measurement of cognitive abilities (verbal, numerical, conceptual) to evaluate the potential to develop into a leadership role

We help you hire and develop sales superstars

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We’ll perform a thorough analysis of your sales team to optimize their performance

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