LEAD® Selling Skills Training Courses

The LEAD® sales training course teaches salespeople how to build trust with their prospects and clients, articulate their value proposition, overcome objections, close sales, and ensure repeat orders and referrals.

LEAD® sales training course equips salespeople with tools to close more sales and win more customers

LEAD® is a consultative selling approach that builds a relationship with your prospects. Selling with the LEAD® method gives an edge to salespeople in highly competitive sectors. It provides them with skills they need to demonstrate their expertise, engage clients and keep them interested in your products and services using the value-added selling method, influence buyers’ decisions, and overcome objections.


Key points of the LEAD® method:

  • Making people want to work with you
  • Demonstrating expertise through issue diagnosis
  • Influencing decisions by asking the right questions and using persuasive vocabulary
  • Handling price inquiries and objections smoothly
  • Winding up your sales pitch effectively
  • Legitimize your presence

    Learn how to boost persuasiveness, simplify your sales pitch, and fully understand the art of storytelling and selling your successes.

  • Explore customer issues

    Learn how to identify key topics, prepare checklists for exploring them, and differentiate your approach when hunting and when farming.

  • Accentuate customer interest

    Learn how to recognize customers’ purchasing motivations, structure efficient arguments, and overcome forceful objections effectively.

  • Drive their decisions

    Learn how to wrap up meetings, move customers into the next phase of the sales process, and become a more powerful deal closer.

Who is the LEAD® method for?

Business professionals in competitive sectors who want to improve their sales teams and master
their own selling methods

A Range of Industries

Large or Small Teams

Sales Managers

Managing Directors

Business Owners

Why do leading businesses choose the LEAD® Selling Skills Training Course from OPTIMA Consulting Ltd.?

OPTIMA Consulting Ltd. understands that when it comes to selling skills training, there’s no one-size-fits-all content or workshop that works for every organization. We’ve helped companies across various industries increase their bottom line and expand their client bases with selling coaching tailored to their unique culture, objectives, and salespeople’s preferred learning method.

Reach out to OPTIMA about your short- and long-term sales goals, the particulars about your Sales Teams, and the challenges they have been facing. Our certified and seasoned sales coaches will tailor a strategic training course based on your specific needs, combining interactive workshops, web-based content, and proven coaching methods that will help your Sales Force deliver measurable improvement.

With OPTIMA’s sales training courses, your Sales Force will:

  • Introduce products and close deals in a more natural and professional manner
  • Have actionable strategies that help them understand their prospects better
  • Know how to present products and services in a way that is right for each prospect
  • Overcome objections and navigate challenging negotiations more effectively
  • Be aware of their unique strengths and areas for improvement
  • Be able to apply the personalized feedback and practical selling skills from the LEAD® Selling Skills training courses

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