Growth Mindset and Motivation Training Courses

The MIND method trains sales teams to always maintain a positive attitude and sustain their self confidence even in times of uncertainty, so they maintain a high-level of motivation like champion athletes do.

MIND training equips sales teams with tools for developing and maintaining a winning mindset

The MIND method helps managers and their salespeople develop and maintain a winning mindset. They’ll learn how champion athletes’ discipline can translate to the sales arena, how to summon performance boosts when faced with intellectual challenges, and how the mind, body, and emotions all play a role in succeeding in sales negotiations.


Key points of the MIND method:

  • Setting goals & solving problems
  • Understanding the seven basic emotions
  • Preparing mentally & physically before meetings
  • Improving concentration & sharpening attention
  • Bouncing back quickly from failures
  • M

    Learn how to use the SCORE goal-setting method, the four motivation boosters of top athletes, and “mental building” to stay motivated.

  • I

    Learn how to perceive the seven universal emotions, prepare for the stress of important meetings, and channel emotions constructively.

  • N

    Learn how to develop your observation and listening skills, focus on winning before important meetings, and conserving mental effort.

  • Learn how to cultivate self esteem, maximize the impact of body language, and develop resilience so you recover quickly from defeat.

Who is the MIND method for?

Business professionals in competitive sectors who would benefit from having the high-level
motivation and mental toughness of champion athletes

Organizations facing operations challenges

Companies in highly competitive markets

Sales teams in need of motivation

Managers who want to develop resilience

Salespeople who need positive reinforcement

Proven, Active Methodology



Our clients share their experience using Midset and Motivation

“It was a good start for us in terms of instilling a sales mindset and developing sales abilities in our young people. OPTIMA has introduced interesting approaches for dealing with difficulties that may arise during communication with customers, which have proven to be very effective. All learners' thought processes and behaviors were also fulfilled by the lessons given in Consultative Sales, allowing them to deliver good speaking and display proper actions. The learners also had a nice time while being educated in a relaxing environment with a strong sense of humor and a thorough expertise of the teacher. One of the beneficial parts that made collaboration simple and straightforward was the support team who were very helpful. Overall, we were pleased with the success and outcome of the course.”

Chris Regel

Kajonsak Suwattanakorn
Deputy Managing Director
Siam Compressor Industry

“This Training is all about brushing up on the knowledge that our sales team already possesses, learning new things and refreshing their skills. Additionally, we learned new techniques that can help increase sales. We are very pleased with this training and are considering having future sessions as well.”

Chris Regel

Kaweerat Supaketkul
Senior Sale Development Manager
Nirvana Daii