Team Performance Assessment and Evaluation Training

With a specialized evaluation of your team from OPTIMA, you’ll
be able to improve their operations, work satisfaction, and results

From team cohesion and strategy to individual psychometrics, we’ll investigate everything to find out how to optimize your team

You want to give your sales team everything they need to succeed, but to do that you need actionable information. An OPTIMA Sales Team Assessment is a deep dive into your team’s capabilities, challenges, strategy, and opportunities for growth. With this information in hand, we’ll help you re-organize your team (if needed), optimize their strategy, build development plans for individuals and groups, and more.

Key Benefits of Sales Team Assessments:

  • Find and address weaknesses in strategy, team organization, operations, leadership, and more
  • Set clear plans for professional growth of each team member
  • Provide valuable insights for recruiting, hiring, and employee evaluations
  • Make data-driven recommendations to improve operational efficiency to lower costs, reduce frustration, and raise morale

OPTIMA’s Sales Team Assessments Employ a Variety of Methods, Including:

  • Work Behavior Inventory – determines an individual’s behavioral work style
  • Selling Styles Inventory – determines which sales styles an individual excels at/needs improvement with
  • Customer Service Inventory – determines an individual's suitability for customer service roles
  • Leadership Potential Report – determines an individual’s leadership skills and capacity for responsibility
  • Applied Reasoning Test – measures an individual’s ability to reason, problem solve, learn new concepts, and understand complex relationships
  • And many more

Work Behavior Inventory

Our Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) was developed specifically to identify the personality characteristics related to success and effectiveness. It is a powerful tool that can be used to address important issues related to:


WBI describes the person’s leadership style, offering detailed descriptions of when it may be effective and when it may not.


WBI identifies the benefits and potential limitations of scores across the personality scales and can be used to address areas an individual wishes to improve

Team Building

Understanding the personality and work styles of team members can help teams work more effectively together.

Talent Management

WBI provides all the data you need to identify high performance salespeople and future leaders.

Selling Styles Inventory

OPTIMA’s Selling Styles Inventory is designed to help you identify the sales associates who give your organization the best chance for success. This assessment is focused on evaluating your employees’ behaviors and three selling styles: the Dynamic Style, the Analytical Style, and the Interpersonal Style

SSI assessments allow you to:

  • Identify and select high-impact sales candidates
  • Understand candidates and employees’ primary selling styles
  • Match candidates and employees’ selling styles to the job or customer
  • Improve sales team performance
  • Identify sales development areas
  • Guide sales training and development initiatives

Who benefits from Sales Team Assessments?

Your entire sales team, as well as HR and recruiting staff

Sales Managers

Sales Reps

Sales Executives

Managing Directors

HR/Staffing Team

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