Coaching and Mentoring Training Courses

Course Duration : 1 or 2 days


What's in it for you?

  • Understand the right mindset for coaching
  • Learn to have the winning mindset of taking on responsibility as coach
  • Improve communication skills
  • Learn effective coaching techniques

Course Outline

  1. Adopting the Right Mindset of an Effective Coach
    • Understand how people think and perceive, appreciate differences in thinking, learn how thoughts and emotions link directly to behavior to be able to adjust flexibly to coachees’ different personalities
    • Learn how to manage your state (emotions) to develop instant confidence and peak state, which is crucial to the result of coaching
    • Learn how to be responsible as a coach and stop the blame game
  2. Learn the tools used in becoming an Effective Communicator
    • Building trust and connection with the coachee, which will lead to coachee’s opening up to coach with their root cause of the problem
    • Learn how to build trust and to make coachee feel at ease with the coach through a technique of Matching & Mirroring using communication methods – body language, tone of voice & words
    • Learn the technique on how to disagree without breaking rapport/relationship with coachee
    • Learn the A.G.O.W.A.L Coaching Framework:
      • A = Develop Awareness
      • G = Goal for this Coaching Conversation
      • O = Obstacle & Opportunity
      • W = Way Forward
      • A = Action
      • L = Lessons Learned