Creative Thinking Development Courses

Course Duration : 1 day


What's in it for you?

  • To learn and have a positive mindset about creativity
  • To take charge of and have responsibility over being creative with work
  • Learn techniques to generate creativity

Course Outline

  1. Adopting the Positive Mindset of an Effective Creative Thinker
    • Mechanic of the Mind: Understand the filters of the mind to learn to become aware of these filters (deletion, distortion, and generalization) that cause us to solve problems through our habitual programmed mindsets
    • To be proactive and take responsibility for coming up with new ideas in handling the situation instead of blaming others or waiting for others to solve the problems
    • Reframing: Applying technique, be able to see problems or challenges as opportunities for growth, create a positive meaning from these “bad” events, positive thinking = positive outcome
  2. Learn the tools used in becoming an Effective Creative Thinker
    • Random Word Technique: To learn from randomly selected words and build on its meaning, which could trigger a solution related to the problem that you are solving
    • Analogy Technique: To learn from analogy by looking at people in other industries or lines of business, and to see what skills those people possess could be utilized and applied in your work
    • Brain Writing Technique: To brainstorm by writing on a piece of paper and taking turns to add more ideas to the topics — this helps avoid the tendency to pass judgment on ideas, which often prevents creativity
    • Mind maps help in structuring information, better analysis, comprehension, synthesis, recall, and generating new ideas