Critical Thinking Training & Decision-Making Course

Course Duration : 2 days


What's in it for you?

  • Discover and practice a variety of efficient problem-solving and decision-making methods
  • Discover and practice effective communication techniques to get the buy-in from your team

Course Outline

  1. Problem-solving methods
    • How to turn any problem into solutions with the SCORE method (Situation, Causes, Objective, Resources, Effects)
      • Use the SCORE method for yourself with a SCORE sheet, including an action plan
      • Use the SCORE method with a group with a mind mapping software to combine analytical, synthetic, and systemic thinking
    • How to focus your energy on what is under your control with the 3 magic boxes based on stoicism principles
      • Filter each problem into 3 boxes: the complaint box, the acceptance box, and the action box
    • How to develop a three-dimensional thinking approach to analyze critical situations and find solutions with the 3D model:
      • Perceptual positions/Timeline/Logical levels
  2. Principles for effective decision-making
    • Assess the impact of your decisions in advance and be ready to take action ? Analysis without paralysis
    • Communicate to get the buy-in from key stakeholders (management, peers, and employees)
    • Develop interpersonal intelligence to mitigate resistance and solve conflictual situations
      • Use the DESC method to select the appropriate solution mode based on the factual analysis of the situation
    • Ensure your decisions are enforced, measure the outcome of your decisions, and take corrective action when needed