Presentation Skills Training in Thailand

Course Duration : 1 or 2 days


What's in it for you?

  • Develop Confidence for Presenting – Passion & Confidence
  • Mental and Emotional Strength & Flexibility
  • Structure & Process for creating deliverable content and PowerPoints
  • Be sharp, composed, energetic in delivering presentation (body language, voice modulation, choice of words)
  • Tips in building connection with the audience to keep all eyes up on the speaker/presenter
  • Tips on handling a tough audience

Course Outline

  1. Creating Empowering Mindset of an Effective Presenter
    • Understand how people think, perceive, and appreciate differences in thinking, thus become more empathetic and able to handle different types of behavior from the audience.
    • Know how our thoughts and emotions link directly to behavior. So to understand if effective presenter’s behaviors are to be created, it is critical to lay down the solid foundation on the mindset and how to control your emotion as a presenter.
    • Understand the mechanics of your Emotions, so that you can feel confident anytime you are presenting by choosing to be in control of your own emotions.
    • Learn the tool of reframing negative events into positive learning. Therefore, no matter what happens during a presentation, you could always choose to take the positive perspective of the situation.
  2. Creating Presentation’s Content
    • Know your audience, your outcome, how to gather content, and how to organize your presentation
    • Know how to add variety, interest, and emphasis
    • Build your PowerPoints — add visual, media, exercises, role play, etc.
    • Know how to handle objection without breaking rapport with the audience