Effective Time Management Strategies and Courses

Course Duration : 1 day


What's in it for you?

  • Identify precisely your challenges in terms of time management
  • Understand the principles of time management
  • Use simple and practical methods to improve your time management skills

Course Outline

  1. The 2 Magic Questions
    • Individual reflection focused on the two magic questions for effective time management
      • If you had more time, what would you do that you are not doing today?
      • What is your mindset, and what do you do when you manage your time efficiently?
    • Best ideas sharing
  2. The 6 Laws of Time
    • Discover the 6 laws of time: Parkinson, Murphy, Carlson, Pareto, Illich, and Laborit/Eisenhower
    • How to put the 6 laws into action
  3. The 3 Golden Rules of Effective Time Management
    • “Eat when you eat and sleep when you sleep,” or how to increase your power of concentration
    • “Eat your frog early in the morning,” or how to focus on your zone of maximal impact
    • “Greatly achieving something stupid…is stupid,” or how to deal with your nonessential time-consuming tasks
  4. Personal Action Plan
    • Preparation in written form of your personal action plan for better time management