What Are The 5 Qualities Of A Good Leader

What Are The 5 Qualities Of A Good Leader

Whether you are interested in developing in-house talent or looking for new talent outside your organization, you need to know the qualities of a good leader before you can recruit one. In this blog post, we are going to enumerate the qualities we think all good leaders should possess, along with some of the reasons these qualities are so crucial to those who find themselves in leadership positions, and to the organizations they work for.

What Are the 5 Qualities of a Good Leader?

Organizations that are on the hunt for the next generation of leaders should focus their attention on employees who demonstrate the following key qualities:

  • Ability to Lead by Example – The ability to lead by example is a crucial quality that any successful leader will need in abundance. While it may be possible to teach this skill to some individuals, those who already possess it will have a distinct advantage over their colleagues when applying for key leadership positions. Keep an eye out for employees who are able to lead by example and consider them for any fast-track promotion programs you may be running in house.
  • Decisiveness – Of all the characteristics of a good leader you should be on the lookout for, decisiveness is one of the most important. All the other qualities on this list can be taught to a certain extent but decisiveness is a much harder quality to develop if you do not already have it in some measure at least. Candidates who do not appear to possess any of the other skills a good leader needs may still be worth training if they are decisive.
  • Gives Praise Freely – This is one of the qualities of a good leader that is often overlooked by organizations looking for in-house talent to direct their operations in the future. However, in our opinion, it is an extremely important quality that, if not immediately apparent in leadership candidates, needs to be taught as quickly as possible. The vast majority of people respond very positively to praise in their daily working environment.
  • Ability to Motivate Others – The ability to motivate others is an essential quality that corporate leaders need to possess. The above-mentioned quality (giving praise freely) can be a great help when trying to motivate co-workers, but it takes more than this to be an all-round, effective motivator in the workplace. Candidates who demonstrate the ability to motivate others in a variety of ways often turn out to be the most effective leaders.
  • Skilled Communicator – All the qualities of a good leader that we have already mentioned will be of little use if they are found in an individual who lacks good communication skills.

Candidates who display one or more of these key characteristics of a good leader could become great leaders in your organization’s future, especially with the help of one of our leadership development programs. For more information on what it takes to be a great leader, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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