Reinforcement Challenge

Retain knowledge with Qstream, the microlearning solution that makes your people better at what they do.

Digital Tool for Training Reinforcement and Progress Measurement

Creating engaging training materials is a challenge, but knowledge retention is even more critical. If learning is not retained, your training investments are wasted and your business performance is at risk. OPTIMA provides Qstream, a microlearning platform that combats the forgetting curve to improve long-term knowledge retention. Qstream delivers a series of questions to evaluate your employees’ understanding of the training program and reinforce the memorization of company products and services.

Key benefits of Qstream from OPTIMA:

  • Reinforce the job-critical knowledge and skills your employees need to succeed
  • Engage employees through a microlearning experience that improves must-have knowledge and skills
  • Better analyze, understand, and improve your team’s performance with real-time analytics

How Qstream Works:

1. Question

Questions will be sent to the participants’ PC or mobile device, three times per week

2. Answer

Participants can answer the questions right from their device

3. Results

They can immediately see their results as well as the their peers’ results

4. Explanation

Participants can chat and exchange opinions about answers with their colleagues through the platform

5. Challenge

Everyone can see their aggregated results, number of points, and rankings

Real-Time Progress Analytics

Qstream allows your technical and sales managers to view their team’s progress, performance, and achievements in real time, thus allowing them to focus and provide support on an individual and collective level.

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